Build for Yuanwu in Wuthering Waves

Yuanwu is a fourth-star character who wields the power of Electro.

By clenching the power of thunder into his fists, Yuanwen strikes with great vigor and agility. Unleashing rapid thundering punches, he takes out his foes one by one in the flash of lightning.

Best Yuanwu Build

Yuanwu is a 4-star Electro Gauntlet-wielding Hybrid character known for his support capabilities and unique damage mechanics. He provides a team-wide anti-interruption buff and deals extra break bar damage with his outro, making enemies more susceptible to becoming vulnerable, particularly useful against bosses.

Yuanwu’s skill, with a short cooldown of 3 seconds, summons a Thunder Wedge that generates Forte Gauge and triggers coordinated attacks when enemies within its radius take damage. His Forte Gauge allows access to an enhanced charged skill that detonates the Thunder Wedge, dealing DEF-based Electro Damage and entering a lightning-infused state that boosts his combat abilities. His Ultimate also deals significant Electro Damage and grants a 10-second anti-interruption buff to the team.

Designed for minimal field time, Yuanwu’s primary role is to generate Concerto Energy and provide support. While his own damage output is modest, his anti-interruption buff and break bar damage make him valuable in specific scenarios. Yuanwu’s abilities scale with DEF%, making typical offensive Echoes less effective for him and requiring a focus on DEF-oriented gear.

Overall, Yuanwu excels as a Hybrid character with support capabilities, particularly beneficial in teams requiring anti-interruption and enhanced break bar damage. His playstyle involves strategic use of his Thunder Wedge, empowered skills, and Ultimate, providing consistent support and utility to his team.