Build for Sanhua in Wuthering Waves

Sanhua is a fourth-star character who wields the power of Glacio.

Sanhua coats her sword with ice and slashes towards the most twisted corners in her distorted vision.

Though these pure snowflakes cannot erase the darkness, they persist in their graceful dance, leaving behind shimmering trails in the twisted world she sees.

Sanhua Best Build

Sanhua is a free 4-star Glacio Sword hybrid character known for her high damage and low field time requirements, making her an excellent support. Her standout feature is a 38% Basic Attacks amplification from her Outro, which, combined with top-tier supportive Echo sets, makes her a strong hybrid option.

Her Forte enhances Heavy Attacks through a minigame, generating significant Concerto and Resonance Energy when executed correctly. Her Ultimate Skill and Resonance Skill both deal Glacio damage and create ice structures that can be detonated for additional energy generation.

Sanhua's quick Concerto rotation can be challenging but allows for significant burst damage and powerful support. She prefers the 5P Moonlit Clouds and Impermanence Heron Echo set, which adds 12% DMG and 22% ATK, enhancing her already potent Outro buff.

Overall, Sanhua excels as a hybrid character in endgame scenarios, especially in teams centered around Basic Attack burst rotations, thanks to her fast rotations, strong support capabilities, and powerful buff stack potential.

Pros of Sanhua:

  • Excellent support with high damage.
  • Generates huge amounts of concerto energy.
  • Doesn't require much time on the battlefield to give the buff.
  • She is a four-star character, making it easier to obtain S, which are very powerful.

Cons of Sanhua:

  • Her combos are very fast, which can make it difficult to perform rotations.

Sanhua Best Echo and sets

As mentioned above, her only and best set is 5 pieces of Moonlit Clouds and Echo Impermanence Heron. This way, we provide even more energy to our team and maximize the bonus from Sanhua Outro skill.

4 Cost Echo
Other slots
Other slots
Main stats
Crit Rate / Crit DMG
Glacio DMG Bonus
Glacio DMG Bonus

Sanhua best Rotation and Substats

Substats: Crit Rate / Crit DMG → ATK% → ATK

Rotation №1 (Heavy ATK Concerto): Intro → Ultimate → Skill → Heavy Atttack: Detonate → Heavy Atttack: Detonate → Echo (Switch Cancel) → Outro

Rotation №1 (Basic ATK Concerto): Intro → Basic ATK 3 → Basic ATK 4 → Basic ATK 5 → Ultimate → Skill → Heavy Atttack: Detonate → Echo (Switch Cancel) → Outro

Best Sanhua Weapon

Emerald of Genesis is definitely the best choice. It offers a lot of benefits: a fully functional passive ability, high base ATK, crit rate and crucial Energy Recharge. Commando of Conviction S1 is also an excellent choice (and S5 can already compete in power with the legendary sword from the standard convene).

Standart Convene
Emerald of Genesis
Commando of Conviction

Lumingloss S1 / Lunar Cutter S1 / Sword #18 S1 - all suit the character well and are nearly equal in power. Choose based on your gameplay style, the sword's passive abilities, and its availability. 

Battle Pass
Lunar Cutter
Sword #18

Sword of Night S5 - temporary options for beginners.

Best Teams with Sanhua

Encore, Lingyang, Havoc Rover require significant field time and deals a substantial portion of her damage with Basic Attacks, making Sanhua an excellent partner due to her powerful 38% Basic Attack amplification buff and fast support rotation.