Build for Aalto in Wuthering Waves

Aalto is a fourth-star character who wields the power of Aero.

Aalto possesses the ability to create mist or even transform into mist himself. Concealed within dense clouds of mist, he stages breathtaking magic tricks in combat, leaving the audience in awe.

Aalto Best Build

Aalto is a hybrid character known for his unique playstyle involving misty gates that empower his attacks and increase his movement speed when jumped through. He can create mist clones to taunt enemies, making him a tricky and elusive fighter. His most powerful asset is his Outro skill, which provides a significant Aero DMG% Deepen buff, making him a good partner for Aero Main DPS characters like Jiyan.

However, Aalto's playstyle can be awkward due to his high field time and complex mechanics, such as shooting through gates and repositioning, combined with a high ultimate energy cost (150). His damage output at Sequence 0 is mediocre, making him less effective compared to other hybrids. Despite these challenges, Aalto gains considerable power, utility, and quality of life improvements from his Sequences, enhancing his performance significantly over time.

Pros of Aalto:

  • Good outro skill for Aero DPS.
  • Aalto clone taunt is a very useful mechanic for increased survivability.

Cons of Aalto:

  • There are stronger alternatives to Aalto. For example, currently, Mortefi provides more benefits to Zifian than Aalto does (especially when comparing their S1 versions).

Best Aalto Echo and sets

The best build for Aalto is Impermanence Heron + 5-piece Moonlit Clouds. This mix provides even more bonuses to your main DPS.

4 Cost Echo
Other slots
Other slots
Main stats
Crit Rate / Crit DMG
Aero DMG Bonus

Aalto best Rotation and Substats

Substats: Energy Regeneration (Until 50%) > Crit Rate / Crit DMG > ATK% > ATK

Rotation: Skill: Mist Avatar → Intro Skill → Ultimate Skill: Mist Avatar → Basic Attack 1 → Basic Attack 2 → Basic Attack 3 → Basic Attack 4 → Basic Attack 5 → Echo → Outro Skill.

Best Aalto Weapon

Static Mist S1 stands out as the top choice in the game, primarily due to its main stat of Crit rate, which enhances Crit ratios and scaling. It also boasts impressive base damage and considerable Energy Regen, allowing players to optimize their gear by freeing up at least one sub-stat. Furthermore, it uniquely offers a team-supportive feature, providing an ATK boost to the next character switching in via intro, making it exceptionally synergistic with hybrid playstyles.

Standart Convene
Static Mist

Novaburst S1, Undying Flame S1, Pistols#26 S1, and Thunderbolt S1 are good four-star options for the character. They are all nearly equal in damage output, with the latter falling behind the former by about 4%. It's recommended to choose a weapon based on availability and playstyle, as each passive has different requirements. 3* Pistols of Night S5 - temporary options for beginners.

Undying Flame
Battle Pass

Cadenza S1 is an intriguing option, providing significant Energy Regen and Concerto Energy, making it particularly useful for the entire team.

Best Teams with Aalto

Aalto isn't Jiyan top pick for support, but he offers a 23% Aero DMG Deepen buff that boosts Jiyan burst phase effectively. However, Aalto longer rotation and complex gate positioning make him harder to use compared to Mortefi, though he serves well as an alternative if Mortefi isn't preferred.

Echo, rotation and weapon damage calculations were taken from the Prydwen team.